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Amazing Gazebos To Tie The Knot In The Caribbean

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Ok, Destination Wedding is on the radar and you are figuring out where in your dreamed nuptials you and your soulmate will state “I Do”.

Let’s say you’ve chosen the perfect idyllic location. The Caribbean. Why not!? A gorgeous beach setup where you and your family will also enjoy a holiday to remember.

Great! A fun and romantic event ahead! Now let’s put hands on the cake and start defining how you picture yourself on this location.

kaysibell-1502468253699Photo Credit by IG User: Kaysybell

First things first, outdoors or indoors? Can’t decide? We will help you out.

Choose the ideal Gazebo according to your personality



The Stone Gazebo. Simplicity and minimalism define you. Sophistication and elegance are a key part of your personality. Marriage is a solid structure and a long term commitment. You are determined and show you care about your comfort and your beloved ones.


dureevents-1501877644106Beach setup.  Nature is labeled on your soul. Being in contact with the exterior and beautiful surroundings is what you are passionate about. You connect easily with your senses and there is nothing better than being with your loved ones on such a special day admiring a magical sunset while you seal lips with your significant other.

Photo Credit by IG User: DureEvents


N052601WDPrivate Ball Room. ‘Exclusive’ is your favorite word. Traditional and elegant are synonyms of the sensorial experiences you love enjoying with your very close friends. With the flexibility to use the room as you would like, you are almost guaranteed to have an event that looks unlike any other.

Photo Credit by IG User: NMun0126


With these clues, which idea suits you better? Think fast!

Now let’s go find that ‘First dance’ song you’ve been playing all day long! 😉

Looking for more details about the perfect wedding setup? Make sure you contact our Wedding partners from Finest Playa Mujeres HERE.

Photo Credit by IG User: AdamOprisPhotography

Author: The Excellence Collection

The Excellence Collection is a resort group specialized in hotel management. The company’s three product lines include Excellence Resorts with all-inclusive luxury for adults only, Beloved Hotels with all-inclusive boutique properties for adults only, and the contemporary Finest Resorts with all-inclusive amenities for adults only and for families.

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